Aikyam (Sanskrit: ऐक्यम्) means – oneness, unity, harmony, unanimity, identity or sameness or identical.

Step 1 - Create

Mother nature connects us, recharges us, she gives us peace and relaxation, she gives us life!

Nature means many different things, to many different people.


To me, nature is music.

From babbling brooks to thunderous waterfalls, 

from a light breeze to forceful winds at sea.
Singing birds, chirping crickets, it's all music.


It is my dream to compose music in harmony with nature.

In search of the untouched, pristine places in nature across Europe, to record the soundscapes of these magical places and use these within my compositions.


I want to dance with the waves and dream under trees.

I want the birds to tell me which chord will follow.

I want the waves to tell me what the tempo is. 

I want to give a melody to the feeling of the moonlight hitting your face. 



A symbiosis between the outside world, and my inner musical world.  


Step 2 - Share

When the compositions and videos are ready they will be shared with the world. All of the money that is made from these recordings will be donated to nature conserving funds. 

Step 3 - Perform

Next I would like to organise concerts within nature. Here my compositions will take on a different life because of the interplay with the different sounds that are happening at the location. 

Weather conditions won't always allow concerts to be held outdoors. In such cases, I would like to organise some concerts in theaters where I will play my compositions live with other musicians, alongside the videos and recorded sounds. An immersive experience! 

  • 10 places
  • 10 soundtracks
  • 10 videos 


What does this project mean?

I think this project can mean something else to everyone.

I at least hope it will mean the following things to some people:


- For one it could be a moment of peace and introspection.

- For another it could be the opening of your ears to all that's around you.

- For another it could be a discovery of the beauty of the outside world.

- For another it will vanish borders and give insight to the connection Nature brings us.




But what I hope most is that this project will show the importance of Nature and will nudge people to a more conscious life in harmony with Nature. We're a part of Nature, not separated from it. 



100% electric

I want to make this project as eco-friendly as possible, that's why I want to travel in a 100% electric van.


My plan is to convert an electric van into:
- Music studio

- Living room

- Dining room

- Bedroom

- Toilet

- Kitchen

- Shower


Everything as minimal and efficient as possible.

An emisson-free house on wheels!





A wonderful world

There are different inspiring organizations to be found within Europe that take on projects to restore and improve Mother Earth.

For example:
- Permaculture farms and food forests.
Where they grow food in harmony with Nature.


- Animal sanctuaries
Where animals are brought to live a good life, without exploitation. 


 Eco friendly, sustainable communities

Where people work and live together and do their best to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible.


These are examples of a few organizations that I would like to shed some light on by making a mini documentary. Who knows who it might inspire! 


My aim is to display the beauty of this world and to demonstrate that we should cherish and nurture her. 







The performance

I am going to record the sounds of nature with an ambisonic microphone.

With this microphone you can record sounds from four different directions.


For the theaterperformance, all the members of the audience will wear headphones, to ensure a full immersive experience.

In your right ear a singing blackbird, in your left ear two frogs who are in love.

Be surprised! 

At the same time the videos of these wonderful places will be displayed on a large screen.

The compositions will be played live by me together with some wonderful musicians. 


Besides that I would love to show you how some of the compositions were created and the story behind these soundtracks and places.  



All the income generated from the sale of music will be donated to different charities that are dedicated towards making this world a better place.

Want to help?

At this moment I'm not able to carry this project financially by myself.

That's why your help is more than welcome.

Feel free to donate by clicking the yellow button which says: "nu doneren"

If you have any other tips or suggestions please contact me via my contact page.


Thanks a lot and lots of love,